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VU powered by PIVOT is the 1st field performance & return to play test with real time biomechanics feedback from 8 portable wireless sensors.

VU powered
by pivot

This revolutionary way of evaluating athlete’s performance and injury risk is based on more than 10 years of research in 3D motion capture labs. The resulting database consists of 3D biomechanical data of more than 6,000 athletes.

This expertise is at the heart of VU, the first field-based test that provides a real-time biomechanical feedback and performance analysis. It is designed to help coaching, sports science, and medical staff make the most informed decisions about athletes’ performance and return to play after injury.

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What is vu?

VU is the 1st field-based test designed to assess multi-joint biomechanical efficiency and athletic performance in real-time. It combines tests of force development, landing, cutting, and sprinting; all those in a 20 second custom designed challenge for all lower limb sports.

Who is behind VU?

VU was developed in partnership by the Sports Surgery Clinic, home of the Europe’s largest Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Center, and TuringSense, a Silicon Valley-based pioneer in wearable technology.

Sports Surgery Clinic is Ireland’s leading private orthopaedic sports medicine hospital. The clinic is renowned for its residential rehabilitation of elite athletes and specializes in post-operative ACL rehabilitation, concussion rehabilitation, and sport-related groin pain. Thanks to this expertise, Sports Surgery Clinic is
uniquely positioned to lead the efforts of analyzing movement using 3D motion-capture.

PIVOT: The future of biomechanics

PIVOT sensors represent the latest innovation in wearable motion-capture technology. They were developed by TuringSense, a Silicon Valley-based company specializing in 3D biomechanics data acquisition. 

Each PIVOT set consists of eight 9-axis sensors with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and a lithium-ion battery. They capture athlete’s movement at a rate of 200 frames per second. PIVOT’s sensors are wireless and the data is collected and transmitted to a coach’s tablet within seconds.

Garment and sensor setup

Each of the eight PIVOT sensors is placed at a specific point to capture the motion data from ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and trunk. The sensors are calibrated and synchronized with the hub, which wirelessly transmits all the data the app. Because all of the communication happens wirelessly the system allows for a complete freedom of movement.

Wireless Sensors


Field test setup

The test is designed to evaluate the most common components of field-based sports. The test starts with a single leg-hurdle hop, it is followed by sprints in the V and U shapes, and culminates with a 20 m dash. Each run is timed and a maximum recovery is ensured between tests.

1. Hurdle hop

The test starts with a single leg hop over a handle, during which we assess jumping and landing competency, explosiveness and absorption of power, particularly in the frontal plane.

2. V cut

The athlete then accelerates into a 120° cut, touches the opposite cone, and backpedals back, exercising the posterior chain. This is followed by a 120° cut off the opposite leg, which completes the V segment.

3. U cut

The athlete then executes two runs outside the cones at a maximum speed, completing the U segment.

4. Sprint
and side step

The U segment leads into a 20 m dash at the end of which the athlete is forced to make a 45° evasive step. The step at the end is allow us to evaluate a change of direction so frequently performed during all filed sports.

performance analysis

Individual results are immediately available in the app for the athlete, the coach and the medical team. Performance times, joint accelerations and measures of symmetry will available upon completion of each repetition of the test.

Once the session is uploaded via cloud to the VU BioMech server, a detailed report is immediately accessible. This report will provides a performance breakdown across each of the test components and allows for a comparison with previous performances and across the entire squad. It will also includes replay of each test segment in 3D giving the staff an unprecedented 360° analysis.

Comparison with the VU Biomech database and personalized individual and squad reports available from anywhere.

Your data is compared and stored anonymously to guarantee your privacy.

Annual subscription keeps your app up to date and allows storage of your sessions on our servers.